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  1. GOOD TO SEE!! We all went through these stages of playing in order to get better… but excellent to see

  2. Seriously? There's no protocol in place for ensuring the teams don't show up in virtually identical kit? I thought maybe I could follow what was happening by differentiating the colors of their socks, but that didn't help either.

  3. who said this sport is growing it is not growing simple because it is televised by NBC sport not ESPN or even televised by NBC there is pro rugby club's

  4. I can not be live this this rugby college final was not show on any US TV stations from ESPN TO NBCSN

  5. I attend ASU. Its funny people are talking about US rugby when very few of our players are American. The good majority are south African.

  6. That try zone looks so little. Wish more places used large try zones like Murrayfield in Scotland, or Chichibunomiya in Tokyo.

  7. You can tell just the way the Americans play they dont have a great vision on the field playing rugby like NZ do. Even the nz teams for super rugby will carve up the usa international team because nz players have a wide range of skills and perfect them and know when to use them, even the young up and coming players. Usa teams can think as much as they want nz will always be 10 steps ahead….but still great usa is getting into it

  8. I'm a high school senior who played football and 4 years of high school. I just joined my areas rugby team and I am already in love with it I am even playing rugby in college next year. Rugby>Footballl

  9. I go to ASU and 90% of students don't even know we have a Rugby team much less one of the best in the country. This will never over take football, sorry Rugby fans 🙁

  10. BYU number 9 and 10, Shaun Davies and Dylan Lubbe, are a deadly combo. They both went to Westville Boys High School in Durban, South Africa, They played together through the age groups so seeing them together in the states was great. Proud of Shaun for making the Eagles.

  11. if America put the time and effort into this game and by some miracle took over NFL as the leading sport (just a fictional situation), they'd dominate easy. this is because the US have the best athletes in the world. NZ and South Africa are the best right now, NZ still at the top for a few years now, but if someday the US decides to play rugby, NZ will have to get ready for the invasion.

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