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  1. the number 5 guy who plays for the green team is from england but his mom is american that is why he stand out of the others

  2. you guys need to get away from rugby union and play rugby league, it's by far the superior sport, far more enjoyable and physically demanding.

  3. Having played rugby on both English & American teams, the Americans just can't touch other nation's rugby (England, UK, NZ, SA, Italy, France etc.). They play the game just like they play American football, with set plays and 'pods.' Granted, that is present in other nation's rugby, but the rest of the world is used to much more fluid and spontaneous play were you are always keenly aware the ball could come to you at any time (i.e. not set in stone based on a play). That, in my opinion, is why any English team (or other countries listed above) could beat the living daylights out of any American team.

  4. 9:45 – that penalty could have been given the other way for ball carrier not releasing. 

  5. A bit screwy with that last call. Defender committed to the tackle, made the tackle, stayed on his feet supporting his own weight as well as releasing the ball carrier. Then went for the ball. All was done clean and in a bit of a fast option but he did release the player and pouched the ball before a ruck was formed….

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